Finding Bass Seasonally - Angling Edge DVD (Digital Version Available)

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Some spots just plain look fishy. And during certain times of the year, they might hold plenty of big bass. But the fact is, very few spots hold bass all year long. 

If bass anglers make one common mistake, it’s fishing structure or cover strictly because it looks fishy, but without regard to whether it’s seasonally appropriate to attract and hold bass.

For instance, shallow shoreline cover might hold loads of largemouth or smallmouth bass in spring and summer. But come fall and winter, bass are more likely to drop significantly deeper, to points, humps and holes that provide safe habitat and dependable prey throughout the cold weather months. So no matter how good that shoreline cover might look, it may be devoid of bass once the water temperature cools.

That’s where understanding the seasonal needs of bass comes into play. Where and when they spawn. What the weed cover is like. Which prey species they feed on at the current time of year. It’s all part of the bigger picture for locating bass throughout the changing seasons.

In Finding BASS Seasonally, the Angling Edge staff targets bass where they live, when they live there, matching lures and tactics to bass location and activity. When bass shift to different depths or types of cover, astute anglers are ready to switch gears, using different approaches that appeal to bass in their new hideouts.

It’s all part of the never-ending chess game, matching bass move-for-move during their annual journey throughout their local habitat. If you’re game, Finding Bass Seasonally will help you anticipate their moves and plan your strategies for finding and catching bass on a consistent basis.