Primetime Smallmouth Bass - Angling Edge DVD (Digital Version Available)

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Al Lindner and the Angling Edge staff explore primetime locational and sure-fire presentation strategies for smallmouth bass.


  • Primetime Smallmouth - Al Lindner and Dan Sura take an in-depth look at the status of North American smallmouth fisheries.
  • Glass Minnows - Al and Ron Lindner discuss presentation subtleties of suspending minnow baits to trigger early season smallies.
  • Winter Hole Smallmouth - Dan Sura and Ron Lindner target winter hole smallmouth. This seasonal migration occurs in all waters and is the basis of phenomenal cold-water bass fishing.
  • The Crayfish Connection - Al Lindner examines how the smallmouth's primary forage can influence proper lure choice and the most effective retrieves.
  • River Smallmouth - James Lindner takes an in-depth look at how environmental conditions can create fantastic brown bass fishing opportunities in rivers.
  • One Of Those Days - A unique "Point of View" segment focusing on Al Lindner's favorite tactic for brown bass - topwater.